Kikusumi Magazine is an exploration of the Artisan lifestyle.  Throughout history humans has tried to build a richer life within the beautiful realm of nature.   Successive generations have combined imagination with the traditions that came before.  Farmers, fisherman, bakers, chefs and potters are but a few of those who immerse themselves in their respective crafts.  Our aim is to share the personal stories, experiences and wisdom of the artisans.

KIKUSUMI (pronounced kee-koo-soo-me) is the oldest type of charcoal made in Japan dating back 300,000 years. It was widely used in everyday cooking starting from the Yayoi Era. To make this type of SUMI (charcoal) requires a special type of domed kiln made of earth. Logs cut from Japanese Kunugi (oak) trees are roasted slowly over 12 days at a low temperature. This lengthy process requires extraordinary patience and precision.

Once complete, a straight cut through the charcoal reveals a beautiful KIKU (chrysantheum flower) pattern. The ancient artisan spirit that goes into the crafting of KIKUSUMI charcoal is the inspiration behind the design of the KIKUSUMI Ceramic Knife. The glowing red KIKUSUMI flower signifies a moment of creation, adding an element of beauty to each charcoal black ceramic knife. We hope it inspires your creativity each time it is used.

beauty and function forged as one

Applewasabi began as an exploration of cooking, nature and culture. Throughout history humans have created tools to help cook the food needed to survive. Our goal at applewasabi is to design products that forge high functionality together with natural beauty.  Each product is the result of a meticulous design process in which imagination, traditional craftsmanship and modern technology are combined with the hope of creating products that are as enjoyable to use as they are beautiful to look at.